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Proxy Analytics provides governance advisory services to help support clients in their decision-making and investor communication efforts with industry-leading intelligence on governance trends and institutional voting practices.

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Shareholder Composition ▾

Single view of Insitutional voting records.

Vote Projections ▾

View proposals and related voting data.

Investor Communications and Shareholder Engagement ▾

Historical estimates of proxy advisory recommendations.

Shareholder Composition

Central to all informed decision-making is a fundamental understanding of the key stakeholder groups. Proxy Analytics goes beyond a simple review of a company’s institutional shareholder to provide a holistic view of the shareholder base from a voting perspective.

Vote Projections

An early assessment of the potential outcomes to a voting matter is an indispensable tool when formulating a strategy around a particular issue. A well-crafted voted projection will help companies set expectations, focus attention on critical matters, establish a solicitation strategy and allocate resources in manner that could have the greatest impact on achieving a desired outcome. Projections can also be updated during the solicitation process to include investor feedback in order to adjust strategies as needed.

Investor Communications and Shareholder Engagement

Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with investors is in the best interest of public companies and engaging on ESG matters has become an increasing important component to shareholder engagement. Core to an effective shareholder engagement program is having a clear understanding of the issues that are most important to both sides. Proxy Analytics is well suited to assist clients in designing their investor outreach program in order to effectively allocate resources, including board resources, and help clients understanding the issues that may be of greatest importance to certain investors.