Proxy Analytics

Launched in January 2020, Proxy Analytics is focused on providing superior intelligence on trends in corporate governance and voting by institutional investors. Founded by consulting and technology experts with decades of experience in corporate governance, our firm was built on three guiding principles: Create comprehensive, on-demand data sets to provide a holistic view on corporate governance and institutional voting trends; utilize technology and leading analytical tools to develop actionable intelligence for our users; and provide intelligence through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Governance as Our Primary Offering

Most companies that include governance data as part of their offering either do so as a secondary component or lack the ability to explain what the data means. For Proxy Analytics, ESG and corporate governance IS our core offering. Founded by industry professionals who have spent decades in the, we understand the nuances of ESG data and how it can best be used to evaluate risks. Our platform was developed with input from both governance and investor relations professionals that have decades of experience using data to help make critical decisions on behalf of their clients or respective firms.

Internal Sourcing of Key Data Sets

Most of the key inputs necessary to provide a comprehensive governance solution are not easily accessible to the public or are only available in unstructured formats. This is particularly the case when it comes to institutional voting guidelines and voting records, which differ greatly in their specificity and format. Proxy Analytics has developed proprietary software to help gather information from public filings and other publicly-available sources, and tools to help synthesize data in order to create databases that are comprehensive and easy-to-use.

Sophisticated Analytics, Proven Expertise

Data alone is not enough to replace the insight gained by working day-to-day with companies in making governance decisions. Proxy Analytics is empowering the governance community with actionable intelligence through the use of modern analytical tools backed by proven expertise from governance professionals that have provided advisory services to some of the largest companies in the world. The tools and insight we provide allow clients to be more efficient and effective in their decision-making process by helping to identify important and non-obvious data points that drive institutional voting practices.

Superior Insight in a User-Friendly Design

Proxy Analytics understand that our customers and clients wear many different hats on behalf of their organization and keeping up with the latest trends in corporate governance is likely only one of them. That is why we have designed our platform with one goal in mind: simplicity. Our screens were created to help users quickly focus in on the information they are looking for. Our reports were developed with the goal of providing relevant information in concise manner that is both easy-to-read and easily sharable with the board or other team members.